Online Advertising with optimization for lead, orders or calls

Find out how to get a quality BING setting.
GOOGLE ADS, YAHOO and many other kinds of Advertising
We know everything about leads
Contact us and start getting new customers today
We can help you to setup a call tracking
All kind of analytics
Statistics for each advertising source with detailed costs
3-5 Days Setup
Unlimited keywords
24/7/365 Online
Daily result reports

How we work?

Setting up advertising campaigns manually + analytics systems

We perform competitive intelligence
We analyze the market, competitors, your offer
Setup advertising
Preparing semantics, selecting target audience, drafting ads, connecting the analytics system
Assessing efficiency
We track effective sources and reallocate the budget for them
We increase the flow of leads and calls
With our own analytics tools

The secret of our success

We earn only when you earn. Therefore, it is important for us:

RO(M)I - Return On (Marketing) Investment - calculated as income / expense * 100%. The only indicator of ad performance. Shows the percentage of return on investment - how effective the spend (on advertising) was. We are constantly working to increase our clients profit.

Leads Volume
There is a saying among traders: "Trading everything that moves is not so cool as moving everything that is traded." Those making 5 leads at $5 is good, but is it possible to make 1000 leads at $ 5? We are constantly growing and trying to make our customers to fire the market in their niches as much as possible.

Advertising coverage
The indicator is close to the "Leads volume" - we try to use not only the quantity of advertising sources, but also try to create funnels between them, remarketing scenarios, and increase brand awareness. We are not afraid to advertise on CPM (cost per miles) models too.

AB Testings
We are constantly testing someting - buttons on the site, texts, pictures, ad titles ... We just can't stop. AB - test allows you to constantly improve your financial performance without money and labor costs. We think it's cool!

What we offer

These are just some of the possible services. We have an individual approach.
  • Market and Competitor Analysis in Google / Bing / Yahoo
  • Create xls decomposition
  • Creating Hotkey Campaigns in Google Ads
  • Writing Unique Ads
  • Register Google My Business
  • Setting up Google Data Studio
  • Counters installation incl. via GTM
  • Maintenance 14 days inclusive

These are just some of the possible services. We have an individual approach.
  • Market and Competitor Analysis in Google / Bing / Yahoo
  • Create xls decomposition
  • Creating Hot Key Campaigns
  • Writing Unique Ads
  • Register Google My Business
  • Setting up Custom Reports in Google Data Studio
  • Inserting counters incl. via GTM
  • Maintenance 14 days inclusive
  • Create remarketing on Google Display Network, Facebook
  • Transfer of all advertising campaigns to Bing - optimization in it

These are just some of the possible services. We have an individual approach.
  • Building end-to-end analytics
  • Any a / b tests
  • Creation of all types of advertising campaigns in any advertising systems (including for mobile applications)
  • Create links between advertising sources to create the full ecosystem
  • Optimization of e-commerce advertising, incl. via appsflyer / firebase
  • Recommendations for increasing site conversion rate
  • Create working Look-a-like campaigns
  • Increasing the return of the advertising budget, decreasing the DRR (share of advertising costs)


Our Customers:
In the first week of cooperation, we were able to triple the budget, while maintaining the lead price. We analyzed the funnel and realized that we can give even more. They shot videos, made html5 banners, and used 30% of the budget for coverage. The result did not wait, for 3 months they grew 7 (!) Times for successful deals.
A site for creating various online business forms (payment, leads, quizzes) with data collecting in one place. They decided to spend 20% of the budget on brand development, the remaining 80% - performance and an increase in free registrations. Redesigned UX / UI. We focus on LTV.
Multiple Pages Generator - PlugIn that allows you to bulk generate pages for wordpress. It was difficult to find the right audience, but with the help of hypotheses and tests, we were able to reach a good ROI. At the moment, the share of advertising costs is 32%
A project from sunny Thailand. Car rental in Pattaya. Due to the closure of borders, we not only did not reduce advertising, but also attracted more local residents. Almost equal to last year

Who are we :

Marketing Professionals
who is working in the online marketing for last 20 years
who can find problems within big statistical databases
Designers and Programmers
who can help our customers with promo materials and any integration
we are certified by Google and many other platforms
20 years of experience
we run ads since first no self managed banner networks and ppcs
Media Buying
We know how to run display ads on cpm base


When you specify a budget, we get an understanding of your capabilities!